Wet and Forget Awning & Boat cover cleaning

Wet and Forget Awning & Boat cover cleaning

Cleaning your caravan awning and boat covers is a service OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS offered some time ago via a thrid party supplier.

Since then we have not been able to find a suitable solution to cleaning Caravan awnings and boat covers.

The biggest challenge is the chemicals used rot the treads and materials also making the materials go brittle.


Wet and forget is not being sold in order to clean dirt off your awning as this can be achieved with soap and warm water.


Wet and Forget removes Mould, Algae, Lichen, and Moss


Suitable for cleaning patios, paths, tarmac, block paving, roofs and tennis courts, in fact, ANY outside surface exposed to rainfall. Kills and removes Moss, Mould, Lichen, and Algae with no need of special equipment, just a good garden sprayer.  Wet & Forget helps prevent the damage caused by harsh scouring, scrubbing or water blasting. Unlike bleach-based cleaners, Wet & Forget has an unlimited shelf life.


Wet & Forget helps prevent the damage caused by the harsh scouring of scrubbing or water blasting.


Just use Wet & Forget with a garden sprayer


Some of the ingredient remains active to prevent premature recontamination.


Unlike bleach-based cleaners Wet & Forget has an unlimited shelf life even when mixed with water.


Clean Outside Surfaces and Remove Moss with Original Wet and Forget Cleaners

Wet & Forget has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae removal on any exterior surface. When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks these unsightly contaminants.

Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help flush away the Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae without scouring the surface it has infested. Wet & Forget is a safe and effective way of removing these contaminants from ANY exterior surface.  Once applied the wind and the rain will gently takes the decomposing material away bit by bit until the surface is clean.

  • Non caustic.
  • Non acidic.
  • No bleach.
  • No pressure washing.
  • No elbow grease.
  • 5L concentrate makes 30L of product. No special equipment required just a good garden sprayer..
  • Easy to maintain, reapply at the first sign of recontamination.
  • UNLIMITED shelf life even when mixed with water.

Boat & Sail Cleaner Using Wet and Forget on your Yacht or Marina

Wet And Forget has a significant presence and use in the yachting and marine leisure environment. We are used by one of the UK's top sail cleaners based in Portsmouth. They apply Wet And Forget as part of their sail laundry process to prevent the build-up of mould, mildew and algae. Wet and Forget achieves this by activating each time the sail or surface becomes wet. This kills the spores that arrive and keeps doing so for up to a year. We are used by the world's biggest super yachts down to the smallest of inflatable boats. Many yacht/boat owners use Wet and Forget as part of their annual algae removal.

Wet and Forget is safe on Dacron, Mylar, Kevlar and Carbon Fibre. It's also great for cleaning sail covers, dodgers and sheets. Because Wet & Forget is a specially formulated surface biocide, it's non-caustic, non-acid and no bleach, means you can use Wet and Forget on ANY outdoor surface. Thereby keeping your yacht/boat or equipment looking like new all year around.

Wet & Forget is used all over the world to keep mariners and harbours clean and safe for their customers. We are used extensively to remove mould and slippery algae from walk ways, slipways, paths and walls. Whether used on wood or concrete. Wet and Forget will keep everything clean and safe for up to a year.

Conquer Awning Stains with Wet & Forget Outdoor

Wet & Forget Outdoor wipes out moss, algae, lichen, mold and mildew on surfaces all around your home with no scrubbing, bleaching or pressure washing needed. Maybe you’ve enjoyed amazing results using Wet & Forget Outdoor to eliminate damaging moss on your roof, or disgusting algae on your deck. But what about messes on your awning? Read on to find out about keeping your awning clean with Wet & Forget Outdoor.


You Love your Awning. You Don’t Love the Mold and Mildew.

Installing an awning is a wonderful way to enjoy some shade during the summer, and create a comfortable spot to relax. But whether your awning is aluminum, canvas, rigid, or retractable, it can fall victim to disgusting growths such as green algae, black algae, moss, lichen, or mold and mildew. Cloth awnings can be particularly vulnerable to mold and mildew because the cloth can hold on to that little bit of moisture that creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. Pretty soon, you can find yourself spending less time relaxing beneath your awning, and more time up on a ladder with a scrub brush and bleach, or fighting with a pressure washer.


The Problem with Bleaching and Pressure Washing

Bleaching and pressure washing are two of the common methods that people turn to when they’re faced with outdoor growths such as moss, lichen, algae, or mold and mildew. But if you use bleach on your awning, you will either have to take it down to scrub it, or climb around on a ladder and scrub the awning. The caustic bleach runoff can kill patches of your lawn, and it can also damage or discolor cloth awnings or speed up wear and tear on the surface of some other types of awnings. A pressure washer makes a muddy mess, and pressure washing risks tearing cloth awnings and can add wear and tear to other awning types. Neither of these methods does anything to prevent the growths from coming right back again, trapping you in an endless cycle of cleaning and re-cleaning. Worst of all, both bleaching and pressure washing leave your awning wet afterwards, which is like rolling out the welcome mat for mold and mildew to start re-growing.


Conquer Awning Stains with Wet & Forget Outdoor

With Wet & Forget Outdoor, you can break free from the cleaning and re-cleaning cycle once and for all. Wet & Forget Outdoor wipes out moss, algae, lichen, and mold and mildew with no bleach or pressure washing needed, and keeps them away for a year or more in most cases. Wet & Forget Outdoor’s gentle, non-caustic formula works with the wind and rain to eliminate stains over time, so it’s safe to use on any type of awning, including cloth awnings. Even the most stubborn mold and mildew is no match for Wet & Forget Outdoor: Judy had tried almost everything and thought she would have to give up and replace her cloth awning, until she discovered Wet & Forget Outdoor. Now she’s one of our biggest fans! And you don’t have to do any scrubbing or rinsing with Wet & Forget Outdoor—just spray and leave.


How to Clean your Awning with Wet & Forget Outdoor

Cleaning your awning with Wet & Forget Outdoor couldn’t be easier. Simply:

  1. Mix 1 part Wet & Forget Outdoor with 5 parts water in a pump-up style garden sprayer.
  2. Spray your awning with the diluted Wet & Forget solution at a time that allows 4 to 5 hours’ drying time before the threat of rain. If your awning is retractable, leave it open for at least 4 to 5 hours to allow the Wet & Forget Outdoor to dry thoroughly.
  3. Get back to enjoying your awning, and let Wet & Forget Outdoor do all the work for you!

If your awning is retractable, leave it open as much as possible to allow Wet & Forget Outdoor to work with the wind and rain to eliminate the stains. Once the stains have disappeared, you can return to your normal routine.

When treating moss, be sure to saturate the moss thoroughly so that the Wet & Forget solution can penetrate the moss’s root-like structures. To treat lichen, follow these special instructions.

What service are you looking for from OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS

What service are you looking for from OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS

We are making it easier for you to find the information you want on our Website by setting up categories.

We have just started this process and with your own requests to our site and on the email we are starting to come up with more and more Blogs with we hope helpful information.

Please see the below categories for the information suitable for you.

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Caravan, Awning & Tent

Contract Sewing

Contract Sewing


Marine & Sails


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Tents are made out of a wide range of fabrics

Tents are made out of a wide range of fabrics these days, not just traditional canvas. Below you'll find details and benefits of each.

At one time tents were simple: They were all made of canvas, a traditional 100 percent cotton fabric. Cotton is a great material for making superior tents, but it’s relatively rare today.

Its main disadvantage is its weight compared to modern, manmade fabrics. But you can’t beat the wonderful smell inside a traditional cotton tent and it’s the best fabric for keeping you cool on hot days and warm during cold nights.

The cotton naturally breathes, so it is less prone to condensation than modern fabrics. As a result, you’ll often find cotton tents don’t bother with inner tents in the sleeping areas.

Why does my new cotton tent leak?

One oddity of cotton canvas can catch out the innocent beginner - brand new cotton tents usually leak!

Sounds drastic, doesn’t it? It isn’t really. New cotton canvas tents need to go through a process called weathering. It's simple to avoid a soaking though, just put up the tent when rain is forecast and wait for the clouds to open.

The tent will get wet, some drips will come through and all the cotton fibers in the weave will swell and nestle into each other. The result? A perfectly waterproof tent and one that will give years and years of good service if it is looked after.

Some tents will need two or three weatherings before every last drip is eliminated. Be patient, those last few drips will go unless of course, there's a hole somewhere that needs to be fixed. You can, speed up the process and replace the rain with a hose pipe or a watering can.

Some cotton tents have a weather-proof coating so don't need weathering. Be careful, though, this may remove the breathability of the fabric which is one of cotton's main advantages.

PVC coated canvas tents

Larger frame tents and many trailer tents will be made from cotton canvas but will have a heavy Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) coating on the roof to make them strong and waterproof.

The only drawback of this is the added weight and a slight tendency for condensation for form on the plastic coated fabric. Condensation can be a problem with any coated fabric and that’s why ventilation is so important in tents.

Many newcomers to camping mistake condensation for a leaky tent but if you buy a tent with good ventilators and use them correctly your tent should stay dry and comfortable.

Polycotton canvas tents

Just as with shirts, 100 percent cotton tents have mostly been replaced by tents made from a mixture known as polycotton.

This natural cotton blended with polyester can give a lighter fabric with the same strength. Like cotton, it can be used uncoated but normally will be treated to make it repel water.

Polyester tents

This common fabric for tents comes with a variety of different coatings. Many tent manufacturers offer their own coatings with different names.

What you need to look for is a breathable coating that lets air but not moisture through. This fabric is generally more durable than nylon but everything we’ve said about nylon (below) pretty much applies to polyester tent fabrics. Among the factors that make it perhaps the most popular tent fabric is that it doesn’t shrink or get baggy when wet, and it is far less affected by sunlight.

Nylon tents

Small tents are often made of nylon. Individual nylon fibers do not absorb water and generally, this means the fabric can be made much lighter.

The cheapest and simplest tents are made from nylon but so are the most expensive tents destined for expedition use, the difference is in the coatings.

Untreated nylon can be used for tents but usually, it will be coated. The coating may be acrylic, polyurethane (PU) or silicone.

Quality and durability of these coatings vary and, as with most things in life, better coatings are more expensive. Acrylic is usually cheapest and silicone, which offers the best protection, is more expensive.

Often the fine weave of a nylon tent will be reinforced with a larger ‘rip-stop’ net pattern in the weave. Think ladies ‘nylons’ (as they used to be called) or tights. Tights ‘ladder’ very easily and you’d hate a similar thing to happen to your tent fabric. The ‘rip-stop’ pattern of thicker threads allows most of the fabric to be extremely thin – and hence lightweight – but the thicker areas prevent a tear ‘laddering’ (or ‘propagating through’) the fabric if a small hole is made in it.

When a nylon tent gets damp the fabric slackens, so you may need to tighten your guy lines to keep it in good shape.

Nylon is attacked by ultraviolet light so strong sunlight can shorten the life of your tent. Special light filter coatings reduce this effect but long exposure on bright summer days will still reduce the life of a nylon tent.

A tent on fire

No tent fabric is fireproof. Today most tent makers claim their fabrics are fire retardant but all tents will burn and most will burn remarkably quickly.

That’s the reason you should never use any equipment with open flames in a tent and, however romantic you think it may be, never, ever use candles in or near a tent.

If your tent does catch fire there is only one thing to do. Get everybody out and get clear of the tent as quickly as possible. Save yourself and worry about the tent later.

Traditional tent campers adopt an excellent habit – they all keep a fire-bucket full of water or sand outside their tent. Nothing is more effective if a tent does catch fire than half a dozen good neighbors each throwing their own bucket of water on the blaze.

The Club has a rule that units should always be 6 meters apart from each other. The law states that all units should be no closer than 3 metres apart to help prevent fires from spreading.

Holiday closure dates

Holiday Closure dates
OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS will be closed on the following dates.
We are open on some Saturday mornings but by appointment only or as announced on our facebook prior to the weekend.
Good Friday
30/March/2018 Closed
Easter Monday
02/April/2018 Closed
11/April/2018 - 15/April/2018 Closed
Labor Day
07/05/2018 Closed
Summer dates
28/May/2018 - 03/June/2018 Closed
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Flyers are now available

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS flyers are available to order now.

Just message us and we will send as many flyers as you need to your campsite, Glamping site or sailing club.

You can also save as PDF file and print your own copies, otherwise contact OSS via email and we will send you a PDF copy.


"we've got the outdoors sewn up"

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Sewing Capabilities

Sewing table

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS have 6 industrial sewing machine of which 4 are set into a 18 meter table.

The two machines not set into the table are a Bar tacking machine and Global zigzag machine we use for binding.

Machine range from straight stitch to zigzag and bar taking machines.

Two machines are long arm machines which allow us to manage larger jobs by reaching further into the middle of panels. This is go for new manufacturing jobs so we do not crease the materials while sewing and great for repairing large jobs being able to get more material under the machine.

The different stitch capabilities of each machine means we can work more efficiently. One job might require different stitch type and thread weights. 

What is a compound walking foot?
There are a few different variations of the walking foot feed system, but the most common one is the triple, a.k.a. compound feed system. Compound feed sewing machines have two alternating presser feet which move the material by synchronising the motion of the needle-bar, the inside presser foot and the bottom feed dog.

Highlead Long Arm

Twin needle walking foot

For large and heavy jobs - Lap seams for Glamping roof seams and Caravan and tent seams

Glamping - Caravan awnings - Tents

Solent long arm sewing Machine

Cam change macine

ZigZag 2 step

Zigzag 3/6 Step

Straight stitch

Windsurf Sail - Dinghy sails - Laminate sails - Large heavy duty sails - Sacrificial strips

Brother sewing machine

Straight stitch walking foot

Heavy duty machine for canvas items

Boat cover - Awnings - Yurts

Phaff Six step sewing machine

Six step

Spinnaker seams

Nylon material

Sail laminates

Tent lap seams 

Light weight materials


Global Zigzag sewing machine

Zigzag stitch up to 10mm

Light to medium weight materials

Binding machine

Over the edge lock stitching for raw edges


Bar tacking

28 stitch bar tacking

heavy duty

For webbing

20 Tonne Press

Press for eyelets in corners of canopies and sails.

Rutgerson Super rings - Endeavour Ringd

Headboard Liner for Aluminium Headboards 




We only use the leading anti-wick thread for sewing operations in awnings, tents, boat covers, tarpaulins and sail making, to promote longevity of our workmanship.

With continued exposure to sunlight and weather, the threads we use are formulated to prevent colour fade and retain strength by spinning a sheath of cotton around a core of continuous filament polyester. It is then coated with an anti-wicking agent to prevent water absorption and water migration along the thread, thus assisting the thread to maintain its dexterity.

Clean Outside Surfaces and Remove Moss

Clean Outside Surfaces and Remove Moss

Canvas Cleaning for Caravan awning, tents and sails

Trees, birds, seaspray, car exhaust, mould and dogs are just some of the culprits for staining awnings, so as far as is practicable, protect your awning from trouble.

Cleaning services for canvas products is limited in the UK with many issues of damage and lost  in the post items when people send their valuable camping items away for cleaning.

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS recommendation is as follows.

  1. Erect your tent, Caravan awning or sail at home and with a hose and cloth clean off any dirt you may have on the awning.
  2. Clean with Wet & Forget by spraying on with your Garden Sprayer
  3. Reproof if required with reproofing such as Grangers Fabsil. There are many options for sale at your local outdoor shop or on the Internet. OSS do not currently recommend one product.

Do not ever water jet your outdoor materials as this will only damage the materials and remove any waterproofing the materials might have.


Always wait until the canvas is dry before dealing with mud or dirt, when it can usually be removed with a stiff brush. Stubborn marks can be tackled with plain water, but anything stronger should be avoided if possible. If too unsightly, try soap and water but never detergent. Any area touched by the soap solution will have to be reproofed.

Windows with water and wiped with a soft cloth to remove drips.


Small patches can be treated with an aerosol proofer and should be applied when the awning is dry and in a well ventilated place. Note the proofer contains solvents which are highly flammable. For larger areas it may be better to use a soft paint brush. Ideal conditions are a warm, dry day, but avoid hot sun which will dry the proofer out too quickly. Do not forget to protect vinyl windows, mudwalls, grass and tarmac while using products which contain spirit-based solvents. Do not pack the awning away until the solvent has completely dried out.

Wet and Forget 

Clean Outside Surfaces and Remove Moss with Original Wet and Forget Cleaners

Wet & Forget has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae removal on any exterior surface. When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks these unsightly contaminants.

Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help flush away the Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae without scouring the surface it has infested. Wet & Forget is a safe and effective way of removing these contaminants from ANY exterior surface.  Once applied the wind and the rain will gently takes the decomposing material away bit by bit until the surface is clean.

  • Non caustic.
  • Non acidic.
  • No bleach.
  • No pressure washing.
  • No elbow grease.
  • 5L concentrate makes 30L of product. No special equipment required just a good garden sprayer..
  • Easy to maintain, reapply at the first sign of recontamination.
  • UNLIMITED shelf life even when mixed with water.


Silicone based proofer with UV protection for tents, awning, garden furniture 

and outdoor accessories. 
No matter how good your clothing, footware and equipment, Factory-applied DWR coatings will not maintain their performance indefinitely. 

Grangers have developed a range of products designed to care for all your outdoor gear 

to the highest standards and extend the life of your equipment for many years.

Granger's Advanced Mirrored Technologies mirror the performance of both the cleaning 

and proofing processes of the manufacturer's Durable Waterproof repellency (DWR) layer. 
Our AMT technologies mirror those of the world's leading outdoor brands. 
Granger's AMT means: 
  • Fabric breathability is maintained. 
  • Superb bonding of treatment to the fabric. 
  • Visual appearance of garment is maintained. 
  • Our DWR finish will remain on the fabric even after many washes 



Clean Outside Surfaces and Remove Moss with Original Wet and Forget Cleaners
Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid

Glamping & canvas contract manufacture

Yurts ⛺️ by design digitally cut to your specification.

From Concept to Consumer.
"We've got the outdoors sewn-up"
Teepee - Yurt - Bell Tent 


2016: OSS built partnerships with companies in the Glamping industry and as of November 2016, we started supplying winter servicing solutions for yurts, teepee's, bell-tents and more.

2017:  design, digital cutting and manufacture of Glamping canvases.

2017: £4k investment in a new twin needle long arm sewing machine and folding plates to further enhance the quality of work OSS delivers to this sector. We now match the quality of manufacture of the larger players in the market.

OSS Target: supreme quality and competitive pricing for a complete product [design and manufacture].

So why pay someone for design, digital cutting and materials?

Whilst OSS can provide a complete service from design through to product finish, we know price is always at the forefront of a purchase so we strive to do all we can to offer excellent value in the service we provide.

To that end, we enable our clients the facility to design and purchase their own materials and present either cut panels or raw materials to us for onward assembly. This means we only charge you for the work we do without added costs of purchasing your materials with large mark ups. This puts all control of costs back into your hands. OSS is also able to hold stock of your materials on site.

Working with OSS gives you confidence that we stitch and develop your design out of the materials you require leaving you in control of the finished products and your new developments going forward.

Small design changes can be easily dealt with when you are in charge and these can be incorporated into the assembly with minimum fuss and loss of material or time.

Once a design has been agreed, the panels are digitally cut and arrive at OSS for us to stitch your solutions together, no matter what the product you have ordered.


OSS: "We've got the outdoors sewn-up"


Glamping Yurt
First measure Yurt for canvas
Yurt Design
Design specification and panel layout for digital cutting
Digitally cut panels all labeled and ready for sewing
Digitally cut panels all labeled and ready for sewing
Colour matching to your specification.


Modifications, alterations and repairs

Ill fitting canvas, size changes or repairs, OSS will help you find a solution so your yurt looks better next season.

Repair can be done quickly by arrangement so you do not lose revenue through long lead time for repairs.


Ill fitting yurt-door can be altered
Yurt Modifications
Yurt Modifications
Guttering solution
Teepee rip repair
Teepee rip repair
Repaired Teepee
Repaired Teepee


*Servicing - *Inspection - *Alterations - *Parts replacements - *Repair kits - Repair tape - Repair Glue

Camping / Contract Sewing / Glamping / Sailmaking

Celebrating two years in business by moving to The Pig Shed

The Pig Shed, Outdoor Sewing Solutions
The Pig Shed, Outdoor Sewing Solutions

OSS celebrating 2 years in business and a new premises to be ready to move into by 1st November 2016.

So where shall we start? At least we now have windows and should be water tight by the end of the week.

Long term the future looks bright within our current markets and adding the Glamping industry for OSS will bring even more growth.

2016 has seen OSS build partnerships with companies in the Glamping industry and as of November 2016 we will be supplying winter servicing solutions for Yurts, Teepee's, Belltents and more.

New Premises 1st November 2016, 2'300 sqft

Work List:

  • Clean Beams
  • Jet spray all walls
  • Spray paint all walls
  • Paint floor
  • Install caravan in the corner as office, YES.
  • Install table
  • Install racking

Glamping - Yurts, bell tents and more

NEW This year is contract manufacturing.

In order to reduce costs our clients are now able to design and purchase their own materials and free issue either cut panels or raw material to us for assembly. This means we only charge you for the assembly without added costs of Purchasing your materials with large mark ups. This puts all control of costs back into your hands. OSS is also able to hold stock of your materials on site.


Commercial and Industrial Sewing Contractor

Specialising in heavy duty sewn products with a broad range of services across many sectors.

We offer concept design services through to consumer project management and everything in between including: concept consultancy, design, fabric textile specification, prototyping, knife and laser cutting, product fabrication. 

Outdoor Sewing Solutions are currently undertaking work for companies from a wide spectrum of industry sectors mostly involved in the leisure activity sectors such as Caravan accessories, Caravan awning manufactures, Climbing walls manufactures, Marine servicing, Boat building. We have also taken on work for others including The Institute for Outdoor Learning.

The Heavy-duty sewing machines in our workshop allow OSS to handle a massive range of material weights.

The Glamping Show 2016

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The Glamping show 2016 

After two years of trading, OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS is moving into new premises in November 2016.

Growth from the last two years has come from Caravan Awning and Tent Repairs and from my original trade of Sail making. Along with commercial work from from a verity of industries it has been very difficult to go out and promote our services with such small premises. Till now!

Now with 2’300 SQFT of premises in sight we made the decision to go out and market ourselves while looking at new markets.

One of the growth areas we have had has been with Yurts, Teepee's and Bell-tents or in one word Glamping. We already have Glamping clients with solutions and services of Servicing, Cleaning, Inspection, Alterations, Parts replacements, Repair kits and Repair tape and glues.

Working with our Web developer Independent Rural Media we came up with a marketing plan for the future and first on the list was to visit more show's to discover new opportunities and markets.

The Glamping Show 22nd -24th September

NEC Motorhome & Caravan Show 11th -16th October

The Showman's Show 19th - 20th October


The Glamping show is in it's second year and this year introduced two brand new Glamping industry magazines, new products and mighty fine interiors and furnishings beyond what we are use to at home.

From open fire heated hot tubs to BBQ's that warm up with charcoal in 3 minutes OSS have found new partners and services we might be able to bring to Yorkshire. We already work closely with one Yurt company and with them we are now looking to develop our own bespoke yurt's bringing in our own design, cutting and contract sewing service's.

Much talk was also of the UK economy with the lower pound and many companies are looking at bringing manufacture back to the UK as it is now cost effective and they would have more control of design changes and quality.  

We are talking to many other companies from the show and will looking at what services OSS can offer in the short term while we expand.

Long term the future looks bright within our current markets and adding the Glamping industry for OSS will bring even more growth.

Feel free to contact us with your next project. We will come out and discuss all options to find the right solution for you.

OSS Glamping Page

OSS facebook page

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