Leather work bag repair

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Repairs in 10 minutes, no problem, book in and we will repair while you wait (where possible).

With continued exposure to sunlight and weather the threads we use are formulated to prevent colour fade and retain strength by spinning a sheath of cotton around a core of continuous filament polyester. It is then coated with an anti-wicking agent to prevent water absorption and water migration along the thread, thus assisting the thread to maintain its dexterity.

We offer concept design services through to consumer project management and everything in between including: concept consultancy, design, fabric textile specification, prototyping, knife and laser cutting, product fabrication. 

Outdoor Sewing Solutions are currently undertaking work for companies from a wide spectrum of industry sectors mostly involved in the leisure activity sectors such as Caravan accessories, Caravan awning manufactures, Climbing walls manufactures, Marine servicing, Boat building. We have also taken on work for others including The Institute for Outdoor Learning.

The Heavy-duty sewing machines in our workshop allow OSS to handle a massive range of material weights.

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Leather work

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Leather work