RS Tera Inland Nationals

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Last weekend, 1st – 2nd July, many RS Tera helms (no matter what their ability) enjoyed a very competitive sail at the inland nationals. The Inland Nationals took place in Rutland Water Sailing Club and all the races were held by a very kind and thoughtful race committee. Rutland is a lovely sailing club in the East of England.




19621299_10212816745516940_3749356763587925587_o-300x200 RS Tera Inland NationalsWell done to Alice Davis who won the Sport Fleet Regatta, and Robbie McDonald who won the Pro Fleet Regatta. During this competition, there was another fleet competing, the regatta fleet. The Regatta fleet was a group of helms that are pretty new to sailing (or Rs Tera sailing) or did not feel like they where up to the standard of all the other sailers, therefore did not want to compete in the main fleet races. The regatta fleet were coached by some lovely people and by the end of this competition felt much more confident in the sailing abilities. They now know how to improve their ability, where to improve and what they can do to be as good as some of the worlds best RS Tera sailers in a couple of years.


I entered in the pro fleet even thought I have been sailing this rig of only 5 months, and everyone else was going to better and more experienced than I was. I still managed to enjoy my weekend of sailing and was very happy with my end result, even thought I knew I could have done better.


RS Tera inland nationals video

Written by Beth Miller