Design, service repair and manufacture

Fast turnaround sail repair for tomorrow's race, we can meet your sailing needs.

Sailmaking is a step by step process. The skill of the designer along with the craftsmanship of the individual putting the sail together, mixed with material choice are all important when you hit the water with your new sail.
Before we design a sail we need to know your requirements for the sail, such as pleasure/training or racing. From there we are able to make the right choices in the process, resulting in a premium product at the right cost.

Digitally designed, laser cut and manually put together with the correct materials is what we offer.

Kiwi Sailmaker - Martin Miller - Brings years of experience to both Dinghy and Keel Boat sails. Working with other manufacturing sites in the UK, China and Italy, matching your requirements and the best solution.

Automated design and digitised panel cutting technology for repeatable quality
•    New sails, marine covers and more
•    Sail repairs, alterations, luff curves, bolt rope tensioning and reshapes
•    Marine-related accessories
•    Dinghies, Keelboats, land yachts and sail shades

“Matching your requirements with the best solution”

All prices available on request.

Please call Martin directly or drop an email using the form on our contact page.


Sewing capabilities

Contract Sewing

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Comet-sail Sailmaking
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RS-Tear-cover Sailmaking
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Winch-covers Sailmaking