Tent fabric care, increase the life span of your tent.

After you have bought your tent, the cotton tent cloth may in the first instance still allow a little moisture to pass through. However, during the first shower the fabric will become saturated, causing it to close as it were and thus allow no further water to pass through.

belltent2-lrg-300x225 Tent fabric care, increase the life span of your tent.

Every type of tent cloth requires maintenance, however strong and weather-resistant the material may be. The following tips will enable you to enjoy your tent for even longer.

  • Make sure the tent cloth and the slope of the tent are correctly tensioned. This will enable rainwater to run off more easily.
  • Never touch the tent with greasy hands. If you have used suntan lotion, wash your hands first, as grease can harm the waterproof qualities.
  • Never place chairs or similar objects against the tent cloth. Friction can easily cause damage, which may result in leakage.
  • Do not touch the tent cloth while it is raining, as this will allow water to remain ‘suspended’ where the tent cloth has been touched, thus increasing the risk of leakage.
  • Do not hang washing or wet towels over the tent cloth. These may still contain some soap residues which can be transferred to the tent cloth and affect its water-repellent properties.
  • For the same reason, never clean the mud skirts or ground sheets with soap.
  • Ventilate the tent well, even if it is not or rarely being used.
  • Avoid cooking in the tent or at least make sure that there is adequate ventilation to remove any condensation formed.
  • Clean the tent cloth before storage.
  • Make sure the tent is thoroughly dry before storage.

Tent repairs

Repairs from £30 or talk to us and we can supply options for you to do the repair at home yourself saving even more money.

From small hole to zip, ground sheet and panel replacement.

Tent poles

We are able to order in poles to match your current sizes, lead time required to buy in the sizes you want.

Pre season servicing

Service you awning before you put it away and before the pre-season rush. prices start at £60.00 plus materials.

For more information in regards your tent and awning, please feel free to contact OSS or go to the site at OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS