Tent repair and Alterations

Zip, Guy ropes, window replacement to ground sheet all common repairs we have carried out for our clients.

Repairs from £40 or talk to us and we can supply options for you to do the repair at home yourself saving even more money.

Tent Poles

  • We are able to order in poles to match your current sizes, lead time required to buy in the sizes you want.

Preseason servicing

  • Service you awning before you put it away and before the pre-season rush. prices start at £60.00 plus materials.
  • Replacement of plastic or mesh windows from £60
    Cleaning products

    Clean excess dirt off your awning while it is up with warm water and cloth.

    Wet & Forget will clean and get eliminate Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae on any exterior surface.

    Waterproofing products

    Fabsil or other products all available on the internet.


For Tent Spares, accessories and poles we work in partnership with:

Tent Spares Ltd

Contact Tent Spares direct for Poles and accessories.

 Google Plus

Tips to help you look after whatever fabric you chose to keep you dry.


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Kampa-Filey-6-Air-Tent Tent Repair Services
logo-1 Tent Repair Services

We service all types of...

  • Bell tent
  • Basic ridge tent
  • Dome Tent
  • Geodesic and semi-geodesic
  • Instant or quick-pitch tents
  • Inflatable Tents
  • Khyam system
  • Tunnel tents
  • Pod living
  • Large family tents
  • Frame Tents
  • Tepee
  • Trailer tents and folding campers

Repairs from £40

Replacement of plastic or mesh windows from £60

belltent2-lrg Tent Repair Services
Umberslade-Family-1024x683 Tent Repair Services


Order Now: We no longer collect due to people not being at home. You send it to us and we will deliver back to you on completion of work and once payment has been made.

Courier Charges from £30.00 Nationwide Please ensure that all items are free from dirt and wildlife. Only dry products can be repaired.

If you require us to dry your product please advise us prior to delivery as this may lengthen the time we require to complete our work and return your item to you.

All items will be checked for wear and tear and our clients will be advised of any recommended maintenance work. No additional work will be undertaken without the prior agreement of the charge.

We have the facility to service/repair items from small-bespoke bags to Marquees including garden furniture, canvas and heavy leather products.

Clearly, indicate or take a photo (email) of the area for repair.

3-4 day turn around for those wishing to be back in their caravans for the weekend