Caravan Awning Size

What awning size is right for my caravan?

The below links will help you measure your caravan to insure you chose the correct awning size for your purchase or alterations.

Awning extension and reductions

We can alter your awning up to 75cm. Anti wicking threads keeps seams from leaking.


Find your awning: Ventura

4 easy steps to buy your awning: Bradcot

Whats my Size? Measuring your Van: NR awnings

Alterations up to 750.00mm maximum

Caravan awning extensions – £140
Caravan awning reductions – Starting from £124



"A" measurement size is ascertained as follows: Place the caravan on even ground. Measure from ground level at most forward point of channel to most rearward point of awning channel, and straight down to the ground. This procedure is easily undertaken with a piece of string (see drawing).

a-measurement-guide-300x138 Caravan Awning Size
Measure your caravan from ground to ground