5 Reasons Why All Kids Should Sail

5 reason why kids should sail

 5 Reasons Why All Kids Should Sail

There might be nothing in the world that packs as many life lessons as the activity of sailing. It teaches teamwork, engineering, history, patience, oceanography, ecology…all in one fell swoop. Because of this, we believe every kid should learn to sail and here’s the top five reasons why.

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Holiday closure dates

Holiday Closure dates
OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS will be closed on the following dates.
We are open on some Saturday mornings but by appointment only or as announced on our facebook prior to the weekend.
Good Friday
30/March/2018 Closed
Easter Monday
02/April/2018 Closed
11/April/2018 - 15/April/2018 Closed
Labor Day
07/05/2018 Closed
Summer dates
28/May/2018 - 03/June/2018 Closed
03/August/2018 - 12/August/2018 Closed

Flyers are now available

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS flyers are available to order now.

Just message us and we will send as many flyers as you need to your campsite, Glamping site or sailing club.

You can also save as PDF file and print your own copies, otherwise contact OSS via email and we will send you a PDF copy.


"we've got the outdoors sewn up"

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2018-awning-flyer Flyers are now available
2018-flyer-sailing Flyers are now available

Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid and Aerosol

The high performance silicone-based waterproofing has been trusted by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts for years. By using it you can restore the waterproofing of any outdoor fabrics, including boat covers.

  • Replicates the original water-repellent finish applied to outdoor products.
  • Versatile – works on any outdoor fabric.
  • Easy to use – can be painted or sprayed on.

Nothing takes the fun out of camping like a leaking tent. Fortunately, Fabsil can help. Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid replicates the original water-repellent finish found on all kinds of outdoor gear and equipment, and can help keep you dry in even the wettest weather.

Trusted by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts for years, Fabsil Universal Protector is a high-performance, silicone-based waterproofing treatment, suitable for use on tents, boat covers, parasols, garden chairs, and umbrellas.

Fabsil Universal Protector 600ml

Fabsil Protector + UV 1L

Fabsil Universal Silicone Waterproofer – 2.5 Litres

Fabsil Universal Silicone Waterproofer – 5

Due to popular demand OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS is now stocking Fabsil Waterproof Protector.

GRFAB07 Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid and Aerosol
Usage instructions are as follows:

      • Ensure the fabric being treated is clean and free of debris.




    • Apply with a clean paintbrush, using long even strokes.



    • Alternatively, decant Fabsil into a spray and apply using a fine mist setting.



    • Ensure good coverage is achieved.



    • Wipe away any excess Fabsil, including any droplets, with a clean cloth.



    • Allow the product to dry completely before exposing to any moisture.



GHS_flamme Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid and AerosolGHS_silhouete Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid and Aerosol
Warning: Flammable liquid and vapour. May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Contains Zirconium butanolate. May produce an allergic reaction.
Contains: NAPHTHA

Northern Feva Open Meetings 2016

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Northern Feva Open Meetings 2016

Organising Authority – UK RS Feva Class Association in conjunction with host yacht and sailing clubs has organized the following Northern open meeting during 2016:-

26, 27 & 28 March – Ullswater yacht club

11 June – Yorkshire Dales sailing club
9 & 10 July – Isle of Man yacht club
16 & 17 July – Filey sailing club

The events are open to all RS Feva sailors and there will be prizes at each event depending on the numbers attending. The overall race series will comprise of all 4 events with 3 to count towards an overall winner.

Further details about the events and their locations will be published on the UK RS Feva Class Association website, www.rsfeva.org.uk in due course.

feva-300x183 Northern Feva Open Meetings 2016

Ripon Sailors Had a Blast at the 1st Northern RS Feva Open Training Event

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image001-1-300x151 Ripon Sailors Had a Blast at the 1st Northern RS Feva Open Training Event
Northern Feva Open Training

Northern Feva Open Training

20 Sailors battled snow, ice, 40 knot winds and freezing temperatures at Yorkshire Dales sailing club at Grimwith Reservoir for the 1st Northern feva training weekend. 

The weekend started with great excitement and a briefing on teamwork and fitness from the coach Dave Hivey. The sailors, including 7 youth sailors from Ripon,  were then put through the paces with a 5 mile run around the reservoir to warm up.

After a hearty lunch, extra layers were put on and the hardy sailors went out for a blast in the Arctic conditions with gusts hitting over 30 – 35 knots.  Lots of short races targeted at upwind and downwind techniques kept the sailors warm and gave Dave a good insight into the sailor’s boat handling skills and areas to focus on.

After breaking the ice on the rigging the sailors put the boats away for the night and the full debrief took place back in the warmth of the class room.

Sunday, despite still being cold, saw a calmer morning with a lovely breeze and the sailors were straight on the water after the morning briefing.  Short races and communication was the order of the day, along with a bit of swimming as a further 35 knots squall came through just before lunch.  After lunch, the wind conditions were ideal and further racing and instruction took place, focussing on starting, mark rounding and downwind technique.

A great weekend of sailing was had by all and everyone appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed it, even if a little cold!  Looking forward to the next training weekend on 30 & 31 January at Leigh & Lowton sailing club.

If you are interested in sailing Feva’s (The RYA pathway double hander), training or want any advice please do hesitate to contact Cathy or Dave Rastrick – RS Feva Association Representatives North cathyrastrick@talktalk.net  or speak to Mike Saul or Martin Miller at the club.

Additional information regarding other training and open meetings that are going on round the country can be found on the UK RS Feva association website  www.rsfeva.org.uk

Commercial and Industrial Sewing Contractor

IMG_0755-225x300 Commercial and Industrial Sewing Contractor

When starting my new venture I knew that being a sailmaking in landlocked North of England was not a great business plan.

With a little market research it came apparent although there is a little cover manufacturing in the North of England, there was no service support for many outdoor sewn products. Bell tents to swimming pool cover repairs were amongst the first project I found along with structural design constancy and prototyping services were required for small to Multinational companies.

Solutions were required for new products and servicing of existing products.

Outdoor Sewing Solutions are currently undertaking work for companies from a wide spectrum of industry sectors mostly involved in the leisure activity sectors such as Caravan accessories, Caravan awning manufactures, Climbing walls manufactures, Marine servicing, Boat building and more including The Institute for Outdoor Learning.


project management: concept consultancy, design, fabric textile specification, prototyping, knife and laser cutting, product fabrication.

Repair and servicing:

Services: Alterations (awning extension & reductions), Cleaning, Accessories shop,

Products: Caravan awnings, Sails, Swimming pool covers, Sail Shades

Specialising in heavy duty sewn products with a broad range of services across many sectors.

Heavy-duty sewing machines allow OSS to handle a massive range of material weights.

All Weather Clothing For Summer and Winter sailing.


With some amazing developments in high performance sailboats in the last 5 years – what has the clothing industry done to keep up?

Sailing high performance sailboats requires a different approach to clothing than other related sports. The physical demands on the body are high yet the time waiting around between races either on or off the water can make us feel cold quickly. Added to that, we must consider that water takes heat from the body 27 times faster than air; at best we spend most of our time in the spray line. Getting cold can be at best uncomfortable – and sometimes even dangerous. Long periods can be spent on the water, where conditions can change from warm and gentle breezes – to strong sea breezes that result in high wind chill factors.

Getting too hot dehydrates us quickly, and can leave us feeling faint. 

Too cold – and our bodies start to shut down with an increased risk to joint and muscle injuries.

The never ending question is “what shall we wear on the water today?”
Because if I am comfortable – I’ll be able to concentrate better and sail faster!

“Until recently the developments did not seem to be directed at dinghy sailing – I must have cut the neck out of every steamer I ever owned! I used to use the Combi steamer to improve my upper body mobility, but then I got tennis elbow from unprotected wrist and elbow joints. My kit bag was massive – I had a Shortie Wetsuit, a long john, a 3/2 Combi, a Steamer and a Dry Suit. I used to travel to events in a van so that I could take it all! Leave one behind and the weather would change and I would wish it was there” – Steve Cockerill

You can see where my drive for designing a multi layered approach
to sailing equipment came from.

Recently neoprene hiking shorts have revolutionised the protection and comfort aspect for hiking boats, covering the legs and lower organs with neoprene, leaving the way open to find warm flexible fabrics to cover the top half of the body.

But there is more to sailing fabrics than just neoprene. In the last three years we developed a top/mid layer garment from a really thin polyester fleece with a 0.3mm coating of Urethane. It is an amazingly durable and waterproof² fabric and yet can be washed and tumble dried repeatedly¹. It acts as a fantastic wind chill protection layer when worn as an outer layer on its own and offers plenty of warmth when worn as a mid layer in extreme conditions. It is a vapour permeable fabric which we have called ‘aquafleece’.

Lighter thinner neoprene fabrics have been developed that allow more stretch and more warmth for their weight. Very thin neoprene (0.5mm) has been successfully laminated onto a Lycra or nylon covering which we have made into a long sleeved top called a ‘hot-top’. It is an ideal warming mid/base layer, and can even work well as a top layer in very warm climates. This range has also allowed the trapeze sailor to go back to his old favourite – the long john. However with lycra or nylon outer layers, water can collect in the coatings which is ideal for evaporation but bad for wind chill protection.

The three models above show what to wear in a hiking dinghy in a range of conditions from very hot, tropical conditions to warm conditions here in the UK.

The first model is wearing Rooster Polyamide Lycra Leggings with a Rooster Polyamide Lycra Long Sleeved Top, which is UV resistant and cooling to the skin. Being white it also reflects the suns heat better.

All three of the models are wearing stretchy Rooster ¾ length Neoprene Hiking Shorts, and Rooster Hiking Boots, which are made with supporting straps locking the heel into position when hiking, and giving your knees support.

The third model is wearing a Rooster Hot Top which is a technical base layer made from 0.5mm neoprene with titanium lining reflecting all your upper body heat right back to you – for a warmer sail in summer.

The first model above is dressed for moderate winds in warm summer conditions, where wind chill can still have a big effect on your overall temperature. He is wearing a Rooster Aquafleece which acts as a thermal layer and a windproof and waterproof² outer layer.

The second model above has stepped into Autumn and has added a set of Rooster Polyamide Leggings and a Rooster Polyamide Lycra Top, to his Hikers and Aquafleece, keeping him warm as the seasons and weather are changing for the worse.

The third Model is now at the end of Autumn and entering the coldest sailing season – winter.

He has added a Rooster Hot Top which is available in both Male and Female sizes, and a Rooster Raceskin – a unisex Long John style product which fits very comfortably underneath a pair of Rooster ¾ Length Hiking Shorts.

The Raceskin is made from very thin neoprene with a terry lining to give it softness against the skin with added warmth and shape. It is a fantastic way of making your winter sailing feel like summer!

Finally the model has added a set of Winter Pro Gloves to his layering system, these gloves are made using neoprene and have excellent thermal qualities and shape.

The final two models…..

We are now fully into the Winter Sailing Season and heading for the coldest part which tends to be January and February in the UK. For this cold weather sailing you need your base layers of Rooster Polyamide Top, and Rooster Polyamide Leggings, your Hot Top and Raceskin, before you put on your Rooster Aquafleece (available in ladies cut and colours) and then your Rooster ¾ length Hiking Shorts add to that your Winter Pro Gloves and you’ll be warm on the water whilst still retaining the flexibility of movement you need to race.

The final model pictured above on the right is dressed for cold winter weather – the kind of extremes that put most people off sailing in the winter altogether. We think its such a shame because if you dress for the conditions you will stay warm and enjoy your sailing all year round.

You may have noticed that the final model is wearing a Rooster Beanie Hat which is made from the Aquafleece fabric which is windproof – meaning you need never have a cold wet head again! The Rooster Beanies clever design means it won’t fall off even if you get it wet!

The final part of the Rooster DS Layering system is the Rooster Dry Top which is made from a heavy duty breathable fabric that is flexible, comfortable and totally waterproof.

The total DS Layering system can be purchased on our website www.roostersailing.com for a price not dissimilar to the cost of a Drysuit which you might only wear for 2-3 months of the year – here we are offering a year round solution to your sailing kit needs, and at a good price too!

You need not worry again about what you need to wear to go sailing next, or find when you are out that you are cold, miserable and not enjoying your sailing.

Make sure you follow the size charts online closely when ordering online and read the washing instructions!

Happy Sailing


Wash the Rooster Aquafleece inside out at 40ºC and tumble dry on a low heat.


Although the Aquafleece is made from a waterproof fabric, the garment should not be worn as a Dry-Top