Celebrating two years in business by moving to The Pig Shed

The Pig Shed, Outdoor Sewing Solutions
The Pig Shed, Outdoor Sewing Solutions

OSS celebrating 2 years in business and a new premises to be ready to move into by 1st November 2016.

So where shall we start? At least we now have windows and should be water tight by the end of the week.

Long term the future looks bright within our current markets and adding the Glamping industry for OSS will bring even more growth.

2016 has seen OSS build partnerships with companies in the Glamping industry and as of November 2016 we will be supplying winter servicing solutions for Yurts, Teepee's, Belltents and more.

New Premises 1st November 2016, 2'300 sqft

Work List:

  • Clean Beams
  • Jet spray all walls
  • Spray paint all walls
  • Paint floor
  • Install caravan in the corner as office, YES.
  • Install table
  • Install racking

Glamping - Yurts, bell tents and more

NEW This year is contract manufacturing.

In order to reduce costs our clients are now able to design and purchase their own materials and free issue either cut panels or raw material to us for assembly. This means we only charge you for the assembly without added costs of Purchasing your materials with large mark ups. This puts all control of costs back into your hands. OSS is also able to hold stock of your materials on site.


Commercial and Industrial Sewing Contractor

Specialising in heavy duty sewn products with a broad range of services across many sectors.

We offer concept design services through to consumer project management and everything in between including: concept consultancy, design, fabric textile specification, prototyping, knife and laser cutting, product fabrication. 

Outdoor Sewing Solutions are currently undertaking work for companies from a wide spectrum of industry sectors mostly involved in the leisure activity sectors such as Caravan accessories, Caravan awning manufactures, Climbing walls manufactures, Marine servicing, Boat building. We have also taken on work for others including The Institute for Outdoor Learning.

The Heavy-duty sewing machines in our workshop allow OSS to handle a massive range of material weights.