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Glamping - Yurts, bell tents and more

2016: OSS built partnerships with companies in the Glamping industry and as of November 2016, we started supplying winter servicing solutions for yurts, teepee's, bell-tents and more.

2017:  design, digital cutting and manufacture of Glamping canvases.

2017: £4k investment in a new twin needle long arm sewing machine and folding plates to further enhance the quality of work OSS delivers to this sector. We now match the quality of manufacture of the larger players in the market.

Reducing cost is of the finished Yurt is our target at OSS.

So why pay someone else mark-ups for Design, digital cutting and materials.

In order to reduce costs, our clients are now able to design and purchase their own materials and free issue either cut panels or raw material to us for assembly. This means we only charge you for the assembly without added costs of Purchasing your materials with large markups. This puts all control of costs back into your hands. OSS is also able to hold stock of your materials on site.

Working with OSS we can stitch your design out of the materials you require leaving you in control of the finished products and new developments going forward.

Small design changes by us or yourself are easily dealt with when you are in charge.

Cut panels arrive at OSS and all we do is stitch your solutions together whether it is a sail, Yurt, Bell tent or any product we can stitch together.

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OSS: "We've got the outdoors sewn-up"

*Servicing - *Inspection - *Alterations - *Parts replacements - *Repair kits - Repair tape - Repair Glue

Camping / Contract Sewing / Glamping / Sailmaking

Prices start at £60.00 for repairs - Prices start at £150.00 for servicing.

Contact us with your requirements and we will price accordingly.

What's Glamping
Glamping, also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, is that escape you’ve been meaning to take