How to make a RS Feva

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The RS Feva is a two- person sailing dinghydesigned by Paul Handley in 2002. It is manufactured and distributed by RS Sailing.[1]The RS Feva is an International Sailing Federation (ISAF) International Class, a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Supported Junior Class

RS Feva are a rotational moulded boat.

There are 3 layers to the plastic Feva

  • Polyethylene outer layer giving it the tough rigidity of the outer layer
  • Inner layer expanding foam
  • Inside layer natural polyethylene to give it rigidity on the inside.

The mould is loaded with pallets and rotated into an oven where the plastic slowly melts and set with a cooling process.

This process is repeated for each layer of material.

YouTube Video.

How to make a plastic boat by Steve Dean