Yacht Keelboat sails

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Keelboat sail repairs and servicing in now available in the North of England.

In our 4th year of trading, OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS can now offer a full range of sailmaking services for sailing boat up to 50 foot.

With the investment over the winter, we now have the capabilities to service heavier sails for a boat up to 50 foot.

More investment will be made in the future to improve this offer even further.


We have purchased a second-hand Solent sewing machine which has been designed and build for the Medium to heavy range of sails.

With this and our twin needle longarm, there are not many sails we are not able to service.


The list of capabilities for sails is as below.




Frers-65-9 Yacht Keelboat sails

Yacht KeelBoat sails service and repair for the North of Engalnd

Longarm sewing machine, zig-zag, three step and straight stitch

Outdoor Sewing Solutions has invested in a Longarm sewing machine that will do stitch in zig-zag, three step and straight stitch.

The Solent 98-650 Longarm has been purchased for Sail repairs and manufacture.

Solent machine is specially manufactured for the sailmaking industry and will give us Zigzag stitch and triple stitch on light heavy jobs.

This machine will fill a gap in our machine armoury for making one design sails, repairing Mylar and Windsurf sails without the need to roll the sail as tight, therefore risking creasing the materials.

Windsurf repair can now be done more efficiently as well as Myler dinghy sails.


Solent-sewing-machine Yacht Keelboat sails

Solent long arm sewing Machine

Cam change machine

ZigZag 2 step

Zigzag 3/6 Step

Straight stitch

Zigzag and Triple stitch seaming to Heavy duty corners. The most versatile machine for sailmaking machine for all round sailmaking.

Windsurf Sail - Dinghy sails - Laminate sails - Large heavy duty sails - Sacrificial strips

Keelboat sails repair and servicing.

Untitled-image-4 Yacht Keelboat sails
IMG-0972-e1512933502794 Yacht Keelboat sails

Highlead Long Arm

Twin needle walking foot

Heavy duty for sewing webbing onto corner patches of sails.

For large and heavy jobs - Lap seams for Glamping roof seams and Caravan and tent seams

Glamping - Caravan awnings - Tents

Phaff Six step sewing machine

Six step

Spinnaker seams

Nylon material

Sail laminates

Tent lap seams

Light weight materials

IMG-0965-e1511211626905 Yacht Keelboat sails
IMG-0966-e1511211612957 Yacht Keelboat sails

Brother sewing machine

Straight stitch walking foot

Sail bolt rope repairs and canvas cover repairs.

Heavy duty machine for canvas items

20 Tonne Press

Press for eyelets in corners of canopies and sails.

Rutgerson Super rings - Endeavour Ringd

Headboard Liner for Aluminium Headboards

IMG_0843 Yacht Keelboat sails
 Yacht Keelboat sails

Glamping & canvas contract manufacture

Yurts ⛺️ by design digitally cut to your specification.

From Concept to Consumer.
"We've got the outdoors sewn-up"
Teepee - Yurt - Bell Tent 


2016: OSS built partnerships with companies in the Glamping industry and as of November 2016, we started supplying winter servicing solutions for yurts, teepee's, bell-tents and more.

2017:  design, digital cutting and manufacture of Glamping canvases.

2017: £4k investment in a new twin needle long arm sewing machine and folding plates to further enhance the quality of work OSS delivers to this sector. We now match the quality of manufacture of the larger players in the market.

OSS Target: supreme quality and competitive pricing for a complete product [design and manufacture].

So why pay someone for design, digital cutting and materials?

Whilst OSS can provide a complete service from design through to product finish, we know price is always at the forefront of a purchase so we strive to do all we can to offer excellent value in the service we provide.

To that end, we enable our clients the facility to design and purchase their own materials and present either cut panels or raw materials to us for onward assembly. This means we only charge you for the work we do without added costs of purchasing your materials with large mark ups. This puts all control of costs back into your hands. OSS is also able to hold stock of your materials on site.

Working with OSS gives you confidence that we stitch and develop your design out of the materials you require leaving you in control of the finished products and your new developments going forward.

Small design changes can be easily dealt with when you are in charge and these can be incorporated into the assembly with minimum fuss and loss of material or time.

Once a design has been agreed, the panels are digitally cut and arrive at OSS for us to stitch your solutions together, no matter what the product you have ordered.


OSS: "We've got the outdoors sewn-up"


UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_38db-225x300 Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
First measure Yurt for canvas
2017-03-05_1901-300x189 Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
Design specification and panel layout for digital cutting
Yurt-design-225x300 Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
Digitally cut panels all labeled and ready for sewing
Yurt-Design3-2-225x300 Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
Colour matching to your specification.


Modifications, alterations and repairs

Ill fitting canvas, size changes or repairs, OSS will help you find a solution so your yurt looks better next season.

Repair can be done quickly by arrangement so you do not lose revenue through long lead time for repairs.


Yurt-door Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
Ill fitting yurt-door can be altered
Yurt-Modifications-copy-300x300 Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
Yurt Modifications
Guttering solution
16938682_773854429433614_8293278621552666229_n-225x300 Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
Teepee rip repair
17022155_773854452766945_353067497040551870_n-225x300 Glamping & canvas contract manufacture
Repaired Teepee


*Servicing - *Inspection - *Alterations - *Parts replacements - *Repair kits - Repair tape - Repair Glue

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