Sewing Capabilities

Sewing table

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS have 6 industrial sewing machine of which 4 are set into a 18 meter table.

The two machines not set into the table are a Bar tacking machine and Global zigzag machine we use for binding.

Machine range from straight stitch to zigzag and bar taking machines.

Two machines are long arm machines which allow us to manage larger jobs by reaching further into the middle of panels. This is go for new manufacturing jobs so we do not crease the materials while sewing and great for repairing large jobs being able to get more material under the machine.

The different stitch capabilities of each machine means we can work more efficiently. One job might require different stitch type and thread weights. 

What is a compound walking foot?
There are a few different variations of the walking foot feed system, but the most common one is the triple, a.k.a. compound feed system. Compound feed sewing machines have two alternating presser feet which move the material by synchronising the motion of the needle-bar, the inside presser foot and the bottom feed dog.
IMG_0001-e1512152327709 Sewing Capabilities

Juki 2828-6

Juki LU-2828-6

Fully automated Air compressed straight stitch sewing machine.
new 2021

juki Sewing Capabilities
IMG-0972-e1512933502794 Sewing Capabilities

Highlead Long Arm

Twin needle walking foot

For large and heavy jobs - Lap seams for Glamping roof seams and Caravan and tent seams

Glamping - Caravan awnings - Tents

Solent-sewing-machine Sewing Capabilities

Solent long arm sewing Machine

Cam change macine

ZigZag 2 step

Zigzag 3/6 Step

Straight stitch

Windsurf Sail - Dinghy sails - Laminate sails - Large heavy duty sails - Sacrificial strips

IMG-0966-e1511211612957 Sewing Capabilities

Brother sewing machine

Straight stitch walking foot

Heavy duty machine for canvas items

Boat cover - Awnings - Yurts

IMG-0965-e1511211626905 Sewing Capabilities

Phaff Six step sewing machine

Six step

Spinnaker seams

Nylon material

Sail laminates

Tent lap seams 

Light weight materials


IMG-0967-e1511211592100 Sewing Capabilities

Global Zigzag sewing machine

Zigzag stitch up to 10mm

Light to medium weight materials

Binding machine

Over the edge lock stitching for raw edges


bar-tack Sewing Capabilities

Bar tacking

28 stitch bar tacking

heavy duty

For webbing

IMG_0843 Sewing Capabilities

20 Tonne Press

Press for eyelets in corners of canopies and sails.

Rutgerson Super rings - Endeavour Ringd

Headboard Liner for Aluminium Headboards 




We only use the leading anti-wick thread for sewing operations in awnings, tents, boat covers, tarpaulins and sail making, to promote longevity of our workmanship.

With continued exposure to sunlight and weather, the threads we use are formulated to prevent colour fade and retain strength by spinning a sheath of cotton around a core of continuous filament polyester. It is then coated with an anti-wicking agent to prevent water absorption and water migration along the thread, thus assisting the thread to maintain its dexterity.

Second weekend of coaching for the RS Tera North squad

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This article appeared in Y&Y – 2015.

The second weekend of coaching for the RS Tera North squad was held on 28 and 29 November and was hosted by Leigh and Lowton SC. The forecast was for high winds throughout the weekend so the Coaches were a bit stumped when they arrived early on Saturday morning to find little or no wind at all.

By the time the 25 strong squad had arrived, rigged, been briefed and got changed the wind had picked up and the fleet went afloat to practice using their tell tales. The more experienced helms sailed in the stronger wind coached by Bernard and Georgie, with the less experienced group sailing in a quieter area with coaches Brett and Julie. A long session saw lots of smiling faces come ashore – happy sailors ready for lunch and keen to get back out on the water!

The afternoon session gave more focus to upwind sailing and by the end of the day it was clear that the fleet were now much sharper and that despite the driving rain occasionally sticking the tell tales to the sail, everyone was able to read and interpret them and make appropriate decisions on sail setting. Fleet racing gave everyone a chance to show how much they had progressed.



bethtera1-300x200 Second weekend of coaching for the RS Tera North squad

Sunday saw a very early start with the sailors sent out just after Coach Graeme’s fitness session and before the wind really picked up. It was fantastic to watch the fleet reveling in the windy conditions, with even the smallest helms coping well with reefed sails. A quick lunch was had then it was back on the water for the final sailing session, the fleet coming ashore just as the wind really picked up. Masts were quickly taken down and sails furled whilst we watched the tops being blown off the waves!

After a great debriefing session the fleet set off on their way home, all smiling after a wonderful weekend.


This article appeared in Yachts and Yachting – 2015


RS Tera Northern dates

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The RS Tera Northern Squad dates have been announced as well as the dates for the Northern Series, these are as follows,

Development SQUAD

14/15 November – Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club

28/29 November – Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club

23/24 January – Ripon Sailing Club

20/21 February – Ripon Sailing Club

19/20 March – venue to be confirmed shortly

(These dates are for the RS Northern Tera Group)


30 April and 1 May Bassenthwaite SC

14 and 15 May Ripon SC


9 July South Windermere


More information can be found at

12219449_10153121029536576_849267307809454279_n-300x169 RS Tera Northern dates