Tent & Caravan awning repairs

Tent & Caravan awning repairs


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Autumn is the time to check your tent & awning is ready for next season.
Check for any small repairs and that it is clean and dry before packing it away.

For others it is time to buy new caravans only to find that their awning requires alteration or replacement.

This is the time to look at Tent & Caravan awning repairs that need to be done.


OSS offers cost effective solutions for these challenges.


Awning extension and reductions

We can alter your awning up to 75cm. Anti wicking threads keeps seams from leaking.


Tent and Awning repairs

Repairs from £30 or talk to us and we can supply options for you to do the repair at home yourself saving even more money.


Pre season servicing

Service you awning before you put it away and before the pre-season rush. prices start at £60.00 plus materials.


Awning and tent cleaning

With return customers for 3 years! OSS can send and receive your clean awning back so you do not need to wait at home for courier services. We charge a small handling fee for this of £15.00. Charge does not apply if you require us to service or repair your awning.
Standard Awning Clean (Up to and including 1050cm and of standard 2.5m width)


Tent and awning door, window mesh and zip replacement.

Maybe you want more windows or larger windows, all this is possible so give us a call and lets discuss what is possible.



OSS is adding more accessories to our on-line shop to suit the requirements of our clients. If you are not able to find what you want, call us as we have a data base of 1000’s of product available to us.


Tent poles

We are able to order in poles to match your current sizes, lead time required to buy in the sizes you want.



New sail and repairs as well as cover services.


We also repair and service Bell Tents, Glamping products and more…..

Caravan awning repair

Tent Services

Caravan Awning, Tents, Canvas repairs and care

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Window full view
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Replacing window