You may have spent thousands on your awning so It makes good economical sense to repair and or alter your awning.

A awning adds significant outdoor living space to your holiday, so repair and service your awning for longevity of life to the fabrics and threads.

  • All work has a 12 month warranty
  • UK wide collection and delivery
  • Anti wicking threads

Awning and Tent repairs

  • Repairs from £35 or talk to us and we can supply options for you to do the repair at home yourself saving even more money.

Preseason servicing

  • Service your awning prior to winter storage.
  • Book service in prior to pre-season rush. Prices start at £60.00 plus materials.
  • Winter storage, see our Blog
IMG_0163-e1456148353344 Caravan Awning Repairs

Caravan Awning Repairs and alterations

Awning extension and reductions
  • Anti-wicking threads keep seams from leaking.
  • Strong double folded lap seams the same as used in the manufacturing process
  • Water-resistant tape is used inside the seam and out of sight
  • new replacement beading/piping included in the price for extensions
Alterations up to 650.00mm maximum
  • Caravan awning extensions - £270
    • new replacement beading/piping included in the price for extensions
  • Caravan awning reductions - Starting from £222
10410275_448850351934025_6516616199987284970_n-1 Caravan Awning Repairs

"Hi Martin
Hope the images of the work are ok, also to let you know we had constant rain all night on Sat and NO leaks on any of the seams, good job with this, thanks, Rosie Forrest."
IMG_0566 Caravan Awning Repairs
IMG_0568 Caravan Awning Repairs
IMG_0567 Caravan Awning Repairs
IMG_0569 Caravan Awning Repairs
IMG_0471 Caravan Awning Repairs
IMG_0472 Caravan Awning Repairs


What awning size is right for your caravan

a-measurement-guide Caravan Awning Repairs

Awning door, window mesh and zip replacement.

Maybe you want more windows or larger windows, all this is possible to give us a call and let's discuss what is possible.

  • Minimum labour/ repair charge £35.00
  • Repair rips and tears - P.O.A
  • Zip replacement size dependent - Starting at £60
  • Door zip replacement - Starting From £40
  • New acrylic roofs (per meter) - Starting From £65
  • Replacement piping - £95
  • Mud Wall per meter - £45
  • Replacement window per meter - £45
  • Replacement mesh window - £45
  • Pack of sew on ladders (10) - £4.60
  • Pack of sliding clips (10) - £3.60
  • Pack of ladders (10) - £15
  • Pack of fixing brackets (3) - £1.00
  • Plastic pegs (each) - £1.50
  • Metal pegs (each) - £2


OSS is adding more accessories to our online shop to suit the requirements of our clients. If you are not able to find what you want, call us as we have a database of 1000's of product available to us.

Cleaning products

Clean excess dirt off your awning while it is up with warm water and cloth.

Wet & Forget will clean and get eliminate Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae on any exterior surface.

Waterproofing products

Fabsil or other products all available on the internet.

IMG_0809 Caravan Awning Repairs
18722_496253487193711_1875162666687086926_n Caravan Awning Repairs


Order Now: We no longer collect due to people not being at home. You send it to us and we will deliver back to you on completion of work and once payment has been made.

Courier Charges from £30.00 Nationwide Please ensure that all items are free from dirt and wildlife. Only dry products can be repaired.

If you require us to dry your product please advise us prior to delivery as this may lengthen the time we require to complete our work and return your item to you.

All items will be checked for wear and tear and our clients will be advised of any recommended maintenance work. No additional work will be undertaken without the prior agreement of the charge.

We have the facility to service/repair items from small-bespoke bags to Marquees including garden furniture, canvas and heavy leather products.

Clearly, indicate or take a photo (email) of the area for repair.

3-4 day turn around for those wishing to be back in their caravans for the weekend

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IMG_0140-300x225 Caravan Awning Repairs
2101776_orig Caravan Awning Repairs
6718005_orig Caravan Awning Repairs