A big move for Outdoor Sewing Solutions

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Outdoor Sewing Solutions expand again…

Outdoor Sewing Solutions – Sewing up the North

November 1st is a big day for Harrogate based Outdoor Sewing Solutions as the commercial sewing contractor opens its new premises in Kirk Deighton. Martin Miller, founder of OSS tells us more;

Outdoor Sewing Solutions is now 2 years old and the time seems right to expand. We are seeing growth opportunities in our sector, especially in areas such as Glamping and Yurt manufacture/repair. I know the business [OSS] needs to be ready to respond to the demands of our customers as well as accepting new challenges along the way.”

The new premises at Kirk Deighton will allow Outdoor Sewing Solutions to manufacture and repair on a much larger scale, with the total operating space rising from 450sqft to over 2300sqft.

Martin has already grown the business from the back room of his home, to his current property on Harcourt Road and he is clearly excited about the future; “I can’t wait to get my teeth into the new shed (or ‘the pig shed’ as he affectionately calls it), my mind is already buzzing with layouts and ideas for improving our services”

One thing is for certain, Outdoor Sewing Solutions have come a long way in 2 years, establishing themselves as one of the Norths key players in commercial sewing, repair and recreation markets and they are clearly going to be working hard to hold onto that accolade.

You can follow Martins journey on his blog at www.outdoorsewingsolutions.co.uk


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All enquires and press requests to Martin Miller – 07764679449


logo under goes facelift

We introduce a new blue Logo for the marine side of the business and modify the look of both Logo's.




Painting Completed

Painting Completed

New premises found in September 2016


New premises found in September 2016

Due to Harcourt Warehouse being knocked down, we started the search for a new premises. This has not gone well with the first premises just lost interest in renting. The second one was perfect in Harrogate, But they found Blue asbestos in the beams of the building and now have to knock that building down. The next one looked promising then the wife changed her mind and did not want to rent the property.

Finally in September after driving around looking for rental properties we found a little sign on the road stating property for rent. We sat in the drive and called the owner for a viewing. Imediatley we new we were onto a winner and three week later we start to prepare the property for November 2016.

Building 10

Woodlands Farm

Kirk Deighton


LS22 4EJ

The plan:
  • 7th-8th October; Jet wash the inside of the building
  • Week of the 9th, Paint outside of building and patch hole on the inside of the building. Fill cement hole also on the inside of building.
  • 15th-16th October; paint inside of building, White.
  • Week 17th of October; start moving in non important items and caravan as office
  • 22nd-23rd October start moving in to Woodlands Farm
The Pig Shed, Outdoor Sewing Solutions
The Pig Shed, Outdoor Sewing Solutions

New corporate clients with new products

Clickfast Services

22nd March 2015

New Larger table takes shape

Most rolls of cloth are between 1.5M and 2M wide.

The new table allows us to have full roles of cloth and jobs that are much bigger and wider.

Bigger table, Bigger jobs

11th May 2015

October 2014

Desk arrives and covers made for machines with new table up and running.

Machine then fitted into the table and varnish applied.

September 2014

We move into The Harcourt Warehouse with 3 machine and not even a table or desk