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6 years ago we moved from our Harrogate premises to Wetherbyas they were knocking down our Harrogate premises for an old people home.
Now we are the move again to better premises in order to take the business forward in better kinder working premises.

The premises will be smaller but offers the same table size in a different configuration.

With offices, storerooms and all the facilities to making our working life more comfortable therefore better results for you the customer.

From a very small room in Harrogate with a table of 6 meters X 1.5 meters to 2300 square feet and a 16-meter table.

Our new premises although smaller will supply us with a table of the same area (shorter and wider) giving us a more efficient shape for spreading out most jobs.

It includes an office, storeroom, kitchen, and toilet facilities.

So we look forwards to greeting you all in the new year!

Sewing Capabilities

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS have 6 industrial sewing machine of which 4 are set into an 18-meter table.

The two machines not set into the table are the Bar tacking machine and the Global zigzag machine we use for binding.

Machine range from straight stitch to zigzag and bar-taking machines.

Two machines are long-arm machines that allow us to manage larger jobs by reaching further into the middle of panels. This goes for new manufacturing jobs so we do not crease the materials while sewing and great for repairing large jobs being able to get more material under the machine.

The different stitch capabilities of each machine mean we can work more efficiently. One job might require different stitch types and thread weights.

Units 1/2 grange park farm, Old Boston Road LS22 5DY

PHOTO-2022-10-05-16-03-258 New Premises for OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS

Sewing Capabilities

Sewing table

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS have 6 industrial sewing machine of which 4 are set into a 18 meter table.

The two machines not set into the table are a Bar tacking machine and Global zigzag machine we use for binding.

Machine range from straight stitch to zigzag and bar taking machines.

Two machines are long arm machines which allow us to manage larger jobs by reaching further into the middle of panels. This is go for new manufacturing jobs so we do not crease the materials while sewing and great for repairing large jobs being able to get more material under the machine.

The different stitch capabilities of each machine means we can work more efficiently. One job might require different stitch type and thread weights. 

What is a compound walking foot?
There are a few different variations of the walking foot feed system, but the most common one is the triple, a.k.a. compound feed system. Compound feed sewing machines have two alternating presser feet which move the material by synchronising the motion of the needle-bar, the inside presser foot and the bottom feed dog.

IMG_0001-e1512152327709 Sewing Capabilities

Juki 2828-6

Juki LU-2828-6

Fully automated Air compressed straight stitch sewing machine.
new 2021

juki Sewing Capabilities

IMG-0972-e1512933502794 Sewing Capabilities

Highlead Long Arm

Twin needle walking foot

For large and heavy jobs - Lap seams for Glamping roof seams and Caravan and tent seams

Glamping - Caravan awnings - Tents

Solent-sewing-machine Sewing Capabilities

Solent long arm sewing Machine

Cam change macine

ZigZag 2 step

Zigzag 3/6 Step

Straight stitch

Windsurf Sail - Dinghy sails - Laminate sails - Large heavy duty sails - Sacrificial strips

IMG-0966-e1511211612957 Sewing Capabilities

Brother sewing machine

Straight stitch walking foot

Heavy duty machine for canvas items

Boat cover - Awnings - Yurts

IMG-0965-e1511211626905 Sewing Capabilities

Phaff Six step sewing machine

Six step

Spinnaker seams

Nylon material

Sail laminates

Tent lap seams 

Light weight materials


IMG-0967-e1511211592100 Sewing Capabilities

Global Zigzag sewing machine

Zigzag stitch up to 10mm

Light to medium weight materials

Binding machine

Over the edge lock stitching for raw edges


bar-tack Sewing Capabilities

Bar tacking

28 stitch bar tacking

heavy duty

For webbing

IMG_0843 Sewing Capabilities

20 Tonne Press

Press for eyelets in corners of canopies and sails.

Rutgerson Super rings - Endeavour Ringd

Headboard Liner for Aluminium Headboards 




We only use the leading anti-wick thread for sewing operations in awnings, tents, boat covers, tarpaulins and sail making, to promote longevity of our workmanship.

With continued exposure to sunlight and weather, the threads we use are formulated to prevent colour fade and retain strength by spinning a sheath of cotton around a core of continuous filament polyester. It is then coated with an anti-wicking agent to prevent water absorption and water migration along the thread, thus assisting the thread to maintain its dexterity.


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Regarding the Government announcement of the national lockdown from Thursday 5th November, we will continue to work on-site and remotely.
We are ready to support you with your enquiries so please phone us to see how best you can have your items delivered to us and safely returned to you.


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Order Now: We no longer collect due to people not being at home. You send it to us and we will deliver back to you on completion of work and once payment has been made.

Courier Charges from £30.00 Nationwide Please ensure that all items are free from dirt and wildlife. Only dry products can be repaired.

If you require us to dry your product please advise us prior to delivering as this may lengthen the time we require to complete our work and return your item to you.

All items will be checked for wear and tear and our clients will be advised of any recommended maintenance work. No additional work will be undertaken without the prior agreement of the charge.

We have the facility to service/repair items from small-bespoke bags to Marquees including garden furniture, canvas and heavy leather products.

Clearly, indicate or take a photo (email) of the area for repair.

3-4 day turn around for those wishing to be back in their caravans for the weekend

Outdoor Revolution Air Dale 7 family tent review

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ODRVORBK8700_1 Outdoor Revolution Air Dale 7 family tent review

Air Dale 7 tent review

Follonica, Tuscany, Italy
38 degrees Celsius
We have had no issues with the tent at all. Due to our sheltered position from any wind, we have not even needed to tie it down. We have had a few large gusts of wind and the tent has not moved.
Air beam
Pumped up the day we arrived and they have not lost any pressure at all. With blistering heat the beams are standing up well and do not get softer at night when they cool down.
Lounge liner
Best investment one could do if you are heading to the heat. We could not go in the tent a few weeks ago in 30 degree back in Rutland, but now with the liner it is still hot but not radiating heat. When we put the liner up in the heat the difference was immediate.
I would also recommend Outdoor Revolution looking at a liner option for the front porch. This would work for the less windy camping spots in the heat.
The Airdale 7 only has one side door which means in this case due to the site we have against the hedge and it is not usable. Ventilation would be better with two side doors so for hot weather camping the Airdale 6 might be a better option.
In saying that the ventilation system work well and even better if you add the lounge liner.
Massive, lots of room and kids have all there fretinds over and sit inside as everyone else is to hot in motorhomes and caravans.
The Airdale tent option is the best option for the heat over the caravans and motorhome unless you have air conditioning as a tent cools down at night.
We are very fortunate to find this campsite as every pitch come with a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom making life so easy. Great site with swimming pool.

I would recommend the outdoor revolution tent airbeam system to anyone as it it easy and fast to put up and better than poles once up.
My father repairs tents for a living and he note a lot of people are still unsure about air beams in hot weather. He is now happy to tell his customers air beams work, BUT you must purchase a good tent from a good quality supplier and it must have the air release system to avoid the air beam blowing up in the heat.


IMG_20190721_125139 Outdoor Revolution Air Dale 7 family tent review

IMG_20190722_090523 Outdoor Revolution Air Dale 7 family tent review

IMG_20190721_125104 Outdoor Revolution Air Dale 7 family tent review

IMG_20190721_125153 Outdoor Revolution Air Dale 7 family tent review

IMG_20190724_141348 Outdoor Revolution Air Dale 7 family tent review

Cleaning your outdoor Camping and Glamping fabrics

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how-to-alter-and-repair-awnings-1 Cleaning your outdoor Camping and Glamping fabrics

Cleaning your outdoor Camping and Glamping fabrics

For many years OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS has repaired or refused to repair Awnings, tent and other covers that have been commercially cleaned.

Due to the heavy use of chemicals used in the cleaning process, we have people bringing in Awnings with rotting threads and brittle fabrics.

Commercial cleaning damage


When too many chemicals or the wrong chemicals are used it turns the material very brittle and ages the fabric.

The fabric has the tendency to crack and tears from that point very easily.

The fabric seems to also rot earlier than one would want from a quality awning, tent or Glamping product.


In the cleaning process, the threads just rot away quickly, far faster than the fabric its self.


OSS will refuse to repair 1 out of 20 awnings due to the quality of the material.

Restitching is common for us to do if the material is still OK, but we do refuse to repair some items as we know it is very likely that the fabric around our repair is not in good condition and will possibly rip around the repair.


Canvas Cleaning for Caravan awning, tents and sails

Trees, birds, seaspray, car exhaust, mould and dogs are just some of the culprits for staining awnings, so as far as is practicable, protect your awning from trouble.

Cleaning services for canvas products is limited in the UK with many issues of damage and loss in the post items when people send their valuable camping items away for cleaning.

OUTDOOR SEWING SOLUTIONS recommendation is as follows.

  1. Erect your tent, Caravan awning or sail at home and with a hose and cloth clean off any dirt you may have on the awning.
  2. Clean with Iosso in a bath and drip dry over the bath
  3. Treat with Wet & Forget by spraying on with your Garden Sprayer
  4. Reproof if required with reproofing such as Grangers Fabsil. There are many options for sale at your local outdoor shop or on the Internet. OSS do not currently recommend one product.

Do not ever water jet your outdoor materials as this will only damage the materials and remove any waterproofing the materials might have.


Always wait until the canvas is dry before dealing with mud or dirt when it can usually be removed with a stiff brush. Stubborn marks can be tackled with plain water, but anything stronger should be avoided if possible. If too unsightly, try soap and water but never detergent. Any area touched by the soap solution will have to be reproofed.

Windows with water and wiped with a soft cloth to remove drips.


Small patches can be treated with an aerosol proofer and should be applied when the awning is dry and in a well-ventilated place. Note the proofer contains solvents which are highly flammable. For larger areas, it may be better to use a soft paintbrush. Ideal conditions are a warm, dry day, but avoid hot sun which will dry the proofer out too quickly. Do not forget to protect vinyl windows, mud walls, grass and tarmac while using products which contain spirit-based solvents. Do not pack the awning away until the solvent has completely dried out.


Cleaning, removes mould and mildew

Colour & fabric safe! Removes mould, mildew, algae stain, bird droppings, spider droppings, tannin (leaf) stain, tree sap, tough dirt, grease and oil, some food and drink stains, blood stains and more! Recommended for use on awnings, tents, boat covers, canvas, cushions, carpeting, umbrellas, camping gear, inflatables, fabrics, vinyl, plastic and fibreglass. It is non-chlorine, biodegradable and has no harmful vapours.

Just add water!


  1. Just put your fabric in the bath, agitate for some time and leave overnight for better results.
  2. Drip dry over the bath
  3. Erect outside to dry.


s-l1600 Cleaning your outdoor Camping and Glamping fabrics

Anti Mould and Mildrew

This treatment will prevent Moss, Mould and mildew from coming back.


Your material may need reproofing after treatment with this product.

  1. Just use your garden sprayer and dilute as per instructions
  2. Treat prior to winter storage
  3. Treat at the start of the season.


Wet and Forget 

Clean Outside Surfaces and Remove Moss with Original Wet and Forget Cleaners

Wet & Forget has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae removal on any exterior surface. When diluted with water and applied, it immediately attacks these unsightly contaminants.

Each time it rains, this safe, cleansing combination reactivates to help flush away the Moss, Mould, Lichen and Algae without scouring the surface it has infested. Wet & Forget is a safe and effective way of removing these contaminants from ANY exterior surface.  Once applied the wind and the rain will gently takes the decomposing material away bit by bit until the surface is clean.

  • Non-caustic.
  • Non-acidic.
  • No bleach.
  • No pressure washing.
  • No elbow grease.
  • 5L concentrate makes 30L of product. No special equipment required just a good garden sprayer.
  • Easy to maintain, reapply at the first sign of recontamination.
  • UNLIMITED shelf life even when mixed with water.


wetforgetsails Cleaning your outdoor Camping and Glamping fabrics

Re sealing Fabric


Silicone-based proofer with UV protection for tents, awning, garden furniture and outdoor accessories.
No matter how good your clothing, footwear and equipment, Factory-applied DWR coatings will not maintain their performance indefinitely.

Grangers have developed a range of products designed to care for all your outdoor gear

to the highest standards and extend the life of your equipment for many years.

Granger's Advanced Mirrored Technologies mirror the performance of both the cleaning and proofing processes of the manufacturer's Durable Waterproof repellency (DWR) layer.

Our AMT technologies mirror those of the world's leading outdoor brands.
Granger's AMT means: 
  • Fabric breathability is maintained.
  • Superb bonding of treatment to the fabric.
  • The visual appearance of the garment is maintained.
  • Our DWR finish will remain on the fabric even after many washes


logo-fabsil Cleaning your outdoor Camping and Glamping fabrics

How to make a RS Feva

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The RS Feva is a two- person sailing dinghydesigned by Paul Handley in 2002. It is manufactured and distributed by RS Sailing.[1]The RS Feva is an International Sailing Federation (ISAF) International Class, a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Supported Junior Class

RS Feva are a rotational moulded boat.

There are 3 layers to the plastic Feva

  • Polyethylene outer layer giving it the tough rigidity of the outer layer
  • Inner layer expanding foam
  • Inside layer natural polyethylene to give it rigidity on the inside.

The mould is loaded with pallets and rotated into an oven where the plastic slowly melts and set with a cooling process.

This process is repeated for each layer of material.

YouTube Video.

How to make a plastic boat by Steve Dean

FB_IMG_1544425888210 How to make a RS Feva

5 Reasons Why All Kids Should Sail

5 reason why kids should sail

 5 Reasons Why All Kids Should Sail

There might be nothing in the world that packs as many life lessons as the activity of sailing. It teaches teamwork, engineering, history, patience, oceanography, ecology…all in one fell swoop. Because of this, we believe every kid should learn to sail and here’s the top five reasons why.

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